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Happy Spring  2015

!201H52Please see my Red Ware Passion:
           Red Ware Early American Plates
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The Carriage House consists of a private parking space, a private porch, the bed area, the sitting area, the library hidden in the antique store counter, the gallery hallway, the powder room, a private bird-feeder back patio, an electrified greenhouse.  You are alone because we have ONE cottage only!

Please read our policy page. 

We ask that you concur with our guidelines.

We have been in business for 20 years;
we have had countless, wonderful guests. 
We welcome you to add to the "parade" of our B&B friends.

Symbols of good fortune, nesting storks atop the B& B porch roof
welcome you to the CADYS' A Carriage House Bed and Breakfast
located on Hermann's Historic District Holly Hock Alley.
Off-street alley parking for you is directly in front of your cottage.

To break your night's fast, you will come to our Orangerie, a French term for
a glass room where plants can be grown and winter over.
You'll enjoy the light, the decor and art, and especially the food!

For Info and Calendar of Events in Hermann, go to
The Chamber of Commerce Website

P Please call to reserve the English Carriage House.


In case the date you wish to reserve is not available,
we do keep a waiting list in case reserved guests cancel.


We look forward to meeting you.

Christine CADY

Welcome to An English Carriage House

Reviewed by the Post Dispatch Newspaper!

Enchanted, of course!
 Very Private!

Located Down Town
in Historic Hermann
on Holly Hock Alley #147

Owners Jack and Chris CADY
Former Owners of the acclaimed
Pelze Nichol Haus B&B
Reviewed in National Magazines &
Featured on the cover of Harry Hagen's
Travel Guide.



As of January 1, 2014, the cottage will rent
for $150.00 + Taxes per night.  Price remains the same. 

8.1% State Tax
3% Tourism Tax

We value our customers.

We reserve the right to cancel your visit if any crisis should develop in our personal lives.

Call us.  We do not book stays on-line.
We have one, and only one, private

Ask about our "Give-Now, Pay-Later"
Gift Certificate Policy.
I do not ask for a deposit, nor do I charge 
cancellation fees.
My policy is a courtesy to the wonderful clients who cherish my "life as it should be"

Storks are considered "good luck."
In Europe, storks often next
upon chimney tops; folklore has it that they are symbols of fortune and fertility.  We replicated
this European wonder for you.
Storks may be welcome guests, but in
some parts of Europe they are considered
abhorrent pests.  We prefer their ingenuity and
love the idea of being a home for them,
even if they are just "pretend."


Charm!  Comfort!  Convenience! An English Carriage House B&B located on historic Hollyhock Alley!


Gourmet Breakfasts
served in the Gallery of the
Cook's Dining Room
or the
Cottage Patio

Dessert for Two
each night
of your stay

Picnic Basket--
A Park or Riverfront
Intimate Fare
for Two


We created a colonial fireplace to display our collection of antique cookware.  For your safety and fire codes, the small flame only replicates the hearth fire. 

As always, NO Smoking on premises.  No real candles. 



For Your Safety!

No Smoking in the Carriage House
No Candles!
No Pets, Please!
( We can make
special arrangements for you.)

Jetted Tub for Two
Please, NO
bubble bath,
or bath salt

Senseo Coffeemaker
Herbal Teas &


Breaking paradigms, we followed our artistic vision!


We do not have cable or satellite television; we urge you to take time
to talk to each other, to read, to draw, to savor the simple
peace of quiet moments.  Leave the hectic world behind
for a few short hours!

We do offer
internet accessibility.


Brick pavers, plaster, and glazes--a Tuscan wall canvas. 




Eggs Benedict with homemade buttermilk biscuits, organic brown eggs, Black Forest ham, and Chris's Hollandaise Sauce

Creamy Eggs:  2 brown organic eggs, grated Italian cheese, Black Forest Ham, Diced Yukon Gold potatoes, and country cream--Baked and served in a ramekin

Homemade Crepes
filled with fruits, or scrambled eggs and ham, or flavored yogurts

Homemade Whole Wheat Pancakes or Waffles

JACK's Secret Bacon

Swiss Meat Company Brats or Sausages
Prepared to Perfection

Biscuits and
Sausage Gravy


Your Heart's Culinary Desire

Pictured a typical dessert:  Multi-layer homemade lemon curd cake with seven-minute frosting


Homemade Double Chocolate Cheesecake


Old-fashion homemade pies


other homemade delicacies. 
Of course, we always adjust for dietary needs.




The Cooks' Crockery located in the main house.

Only Imported European Coffees
and Herbal Teas
served on premises!

We are from-scratch cooks;
we tailor breakfast menus
for you.



CADY Cottage Kitchen and the Cooks' Dining Room in the Main House


The Bird E. Bird

Gardens of

CADY Cottage

serve a

Birdie Buffet




Mother Robins bring their bird-lets to
CADY Cottage Day Care!

Births, Feeding Frenzies, Flight Lessons, Graduations, and New "Marriages" happen here daily!



vA Bird E. Bird Tea Party! 
Seclusion in the city!

There really are neighbors across the street!




Arapaho Thornless Upright Blackberries--
First Year!

A Favorite Bird Market Treat!

Annabelle Hydrangeas



Burgandy Cutleaf Japanese Maple

Crepe Myrtle



Porcelain Berry
Berries sky blue, purple, and burgundy

Autumn Gold Cut-leaf
Japanese Maple




Thank you for visiting my website. 

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Christine CAdy

invites you
to share a bit
of "LIFE As IT
Should Be"!!!

The perfect retreat for mature, discriminating

No Smoking Policy
within the
Carriage House B&B

*$150 per night + Tax + Tourism

8.1% State Tax
3% Tourism Tax